Tactical Insights
and Automation for Peak
Apartment Performance
Data drives smart operating decisions, knowledge is power
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Connecting all of an apartment owner's existing technology systems
For apartment management workflow automation and data aggregation
Dashboard viewMobile view
Data Integration
  • Connect your various systems
  • Aggregate the data from those systems
  • Standardize and organize the data
Dashboard Reporting
  • Asset and portfolio-wide visualization
  • Operator defined KPIs
  • Business intelligence and predictive analytics
Data insights about the things that matter the most-
Residents, Properties, Portfolios and Markets.
Use your data for current operational truths, and future predictive outcomes.
Automation - Operate Efficiently
Empower event-driven workflows
Increase data security
Streamline business processes
Save staff time
An effective data strategy requires having access to all available data
Most data is maintained in multiple systems and can't be accessed for asset or portfolio-wide review. JoyHub connects all of an operator's systems for a comprehensive strategy that ingests all available data
Iterative Management
Predictive Analytics
Business Continuity Planning
How does it work?
A data strategy used to require a data scientist and costly data storage. We make it easy, watch us show you how
Watch our 1-minute explainer video
Module Marketplace
The Marketplace enables greater integrations with the third party technology solutions that apartment owners want the most
In the news
We are currently positioned with best in class technology for specific functions, but are forced to manage away the integration hiccups and constantly translate data. We are glad that JoyHub recognizes not only the benefits of a seamless resident and employee experience, but also helps us realize actionable trends.
The best operators know that it's not enough to manage to traditional property financial metrics alone. Using a data driven approach to ownership gives us the performance edge we need to consistently outperform the market.
JoyHub looks to offer apartment operator's a scalable data strategy. Aggregating and storing data in a data warehouse allows operators to follow best practices for security and can serve as an insurance policy for business continuity.